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Data Security
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Juniper DDoS for High-IQ Networks (Jul-17-14)
Google Hacker Team to Hunt Bugs (Jul-15-14)
Cloud Firms Offer Azure Starter Kit (Jul-15-14)
FBI Cyber-Expert's Humble Start (Jul-15-14)
Chinese Hackers Hit U.S. Officials (Jul-11-14)
Data Recovered from 'Wiped' Phones (Jul-09-14)
Cybercrime Ring Uncovered in Brazil (Jul-08-14)
Four Threats Risk Internet's Freedom (Jul-06-14)
Gartner Rates IT Security Companies (Jul-02-14)
Hackers Target Western Energy Firms (Jul-01-14)
Oracle Simplifies Mobile Development (Jul-01-14)
IBM Uncovers Android Security Flaw (Jun-30-14)
Focus on Security in New Dell Products (Jun-26-14)
Systems Still Vulnerable to Heartbleed (Jun-24-14)
Where In World Is the Private Data? (Jun-24-14)
Credit Card Fraud Lessons on YouTube (Jun-22-14)
Possible Data Breach at P.F. Chang's (Jun-13-14)
Microsoft Fixes 59 Flaws in IE (Jun-11-14)
Cybersecurity Pros in High Demand (Jun-10-14)
2nd Chinese Unit Linked to Hacking (Jun-10-14)
Cybercrime Costs Biz $400B a Year (Jun-09-14)
AmEx Credit Card Data Exposed (Jun-06-14)
OpenSSL Patches 7 Security Flaws (Jun-05-14)
Cloud Triples Odds of $20M Breach (Jun-05-14)
Cloudera Adds to Its Hadoop Security (Jun-04-14)
Firms 'Reset The Net' To Fight NSA (Jun-03-14)
Lessons for Biz from World Cup Threat (Jun-03-14)
Apple, PayPal React to Ransom Scam (May-29-14)
Hacker Who Helped Feds Is Now Free (May-29-14)
Half of U.S. Adults Have Been Hacked (May-28-14)
Hackers Gaining Ground, Survey Finds (May-28-14)
One User Hit in Spotify Data Breach (May-28-14)
Second eBay Vulnerability Found (May-27-14)
eBay Data Breach Lessons for Biz (May-22-14)
'Spearphishing' in the Spotlight (May-22-14)
eBay Suffers Data Breach (May-21-14)
Chinese Indictment a Wakeup Call (May-20-14)
US Indicts 5 Chinese Officers in Hacking (May-19-14)
Snapchat Weak on User Privacy (May-19-14)
List of Top Privacy Prize Winners Grows (May-16-14)
Senate Talks Dangers of 'Badware' (May-16-14)
Stores Join Forces To Stop Cybertheft (May-16-14)
NIST Issues Draft Guide for IT Security (May-14-14)
Patch Tuesday Delivers Critical Fixes (May-14-14)
Heartbleed Fixes Not Totally Working (May-09-14)
Are Your Enterprise Assets at Risk? (May-09-14)
Snapchat Settles FTC Privacy Action (May-08-14)
British Spy Agency Sued for Malware (May-08-14)
iOS Encryption Security Flaw Seen (May-07-14)
Symantec Aims To Detect & Respond (May-06-14)
Target CEO Out in Wake of Data Theft (May-05-14)
AOL Hacked: Zombie Spam to Inboxes (May-01-14)
Heartbleed Spooks Web Surfers (May-01-14)
Target Boosts Data Security Systems (May-01-14)
Add 2nd Layer of Protection Online (Apr-25-14)

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Gartner Rates IT Security Companies
IBM, HP, McAfee, Splunk ranked well.
Average Rating:
Hackers Target Western Energy Firms
Appears to be state-sponsored group.
Average Rating:
IBM Uncovers Android Security Flaw
Ten percent of devices at risk.
Average Rating:
Where In World Is the Private Data?
IT security pros don't have a clue.
Average Rating:
FBI Cyber-Expert's Humble Start
Was a discount furnitures sales guy.
Average Rating:
Oracle Simplifies Mobile Development
With new Mobile Application Framework.
Average Rating:

FBI Cyber-Expert's Humble Start Cloud Firms Offer Azure Starter Kit
Juniper DDoS for High-IQ Networks Google Hacker Team to Hunt Bugs


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Network Security Spotlight
Wall Street Journal Hacked Again
Hacked again. That’s the story at the Wall Street Journal this week as the newspaper reports that the computer systems housing some of its news graphics were breached. Customers not affected -- yet.
Dropbox for Business Beefs Up Security
Dropbox is upping its game for business users. The cloud-based storage and sharing company has rolled out new security, search and other features to boost its appeal for businesses.
34 European Banks Hit by Android-Skirting Malware
Criminals have been finding gaping holes in Android-based two-factor authentication systems that banks around the world are using. The result: 34 banks in four European countries have been hit.

Enterprise Hardware Spotlight
Microsoft Makes Design Central to Its Future
Over the last four years, Microsoft has doubled the number of designers it employs, putting a priority on fashioning devices that work around people's lives -- and that are attractive and cool.
Contrary to Report, Lenovo's Staying in Small Windows Tablets
Device maker Lenovo has clarified a report that indicated it is getting out of the small Windows tablet business -- as in the ThinkPad 8 and the 8-inch Miix 2. But the firm said it is not exiting that market.
Seagate Unveils Networked Drives for Small Businesses
Seagate is out with five new networked attached storage products aimed at small businesses. The drives are for companies with up to 50 workers, and range in capacity from two to 20 terabytes.

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